Hello, Ottawa! 


Introducing Dundela Window & Door to the Nation’s Capital and Eastern Ontario

Dundela Window & Door, founded by Kane and Felicia Wachter, is now an authorized Duxton Windows distributor for Ottawa and surrounding areas. The company supplies building professionals and new construction projects with energy-efficient fiberglass windows and doors. The partnership between Dundela Window and Door and Duxton Windows leverages Kane’s 20+ years of carpentry, construction, and Net Zero expertise alongside Duxton’s high-performance products for superior building envelope integrity.

For Builders and Architects

With Dundela Window & Door, builders and architects gain access to the solutions they need to create energy-efficient and net-zero structures with lasting value. “We’re excited to partner with builders and architects focused on energy-efficient and sustainable projects,” says Felicia. “Duxton’s commitment to performance and durability aligns with our mission to provide exceptional solutions for creating beautiful, sustainable buildings.”

For Homeowners:

Homeowners committed to Net Zero and high-performance builds will find the ideal partnership in Dundela and Duxton.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Duxton Windows to homeowners in our region,” says Felicia. “Their commitment to energy efficiency, durability, and style aligns perfectly with our goal of providing homeowners with the best solutions for creating beautiful, sustainable homes.”

About Dundela Window & Door

Dundela Window & Door is a family-owned and operated business providing superior products and unwavering customer service. As an authorized Duxton Windows distributor, Dundela is committed to helping create energy-efficient and long-lasting buildings and homes.