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In response to architect- driven visions, DUXTON has developed entirely unique solutions for doors that challenge industry standards of scale and design.

High Performance Glass Options
  • Optional Triple Pane with Low E and Argon. Choose from:
  • Solar Gain LoĒ-180 – High levels of heat gain and light transmittance
  • Mid-Range LoĒ2-272 – Most popular choice for year-round comfort
  • Solar Block LoĒ3-366 – Low levels of heat gain to prevent overheating in the summer


*Both Inswing and Outswing Doors available. Sidelite and transom configurations are flexible.

Contact us with details of your project.

Lovely kitchen with tasteful wall of glass overlooking a garden.

Design Tip: Build a Wall of Glass

Using the modular FiberWall series, almost anything is possible. Feel free to combine Swinging Doors with beautiful fixed windows to frame your view, or add Casement/Awning Windows and Sliding Doors for lots of fresh air. Perfect for a sunroom or a stunning entrance. Choose from FiberWall 458 for a 4 5/8” frame, or FiberWall 658 for a 6 5/8” depth.

Clean + Modern Details

(Image courtesy of Cohlmeyer Architecture Ltd. and Sakiyama Construction Ltd.)

Whereas glass is typically framed in the door with a raised contoured edge, the Designer Collection has modern, minimalistic frames to suit today’s contemporary styles.

Flush Glazed Insert Door Example

Flush Glaze C, closeup of corner

Flush Glazed Insert Doorlite

with Flush Glazed Insert around the glass

Custom Glazed Insert Doorlite

with Custom Glazed Insert around the glass

Design Tip: Towering Illusion Doors

With a high ceiling, take advantage of DUXTON’s exclusive Illusion Door. With an operable 8’ panel below, a large fixed panel above, and a minimal seam in between, this stunning entrance is one-of-a-kind.

Possible Combinations - Design your perfect door

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4 Lite

Full Lite Double Door

Offset Lite with Sidelite Panel

5 Lite

3 Lite with Sidelite

Flush with All-Glass Sidelites

Flush Grooved with Oversized Transom and All-Glass Sidelites

Illusion Panel Door

Full Lite Double Door with Sidelites and Horizontal Grills


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Create a personalized door design with the new Uno configurations!
Select the number of cut-outs and choose a textured glass from our large selection.

Uno 1

Uno 3

Uno 4

Uno 5

Smooth Finish

  • 23 3/4”, 27 3/4”, 29 3/4”, 31 3/4”, 33 3/4”, 35 3/4”, 41 3/4”, 47 3/4” x 79”
  • 29 3/4”, 31 3/4”, 33 3/4”, 35 3/4” x 83”
  • 29 3/4”, 31 3/4”, 33 3/4”, 35 3/4”, 41 3/4” x 95”

Oak Woodgrain

  • 23 3/4”, 29 3/4”, 31 3/4”, 33 3/4”, 35 3/4” x 79” 29 3/4”, 31 3/4”, 33 3/4”, 35 3/4” x 83”
  • 29 3/4”, 31 3/4”, 33 3/4”, 35 3/4” x 95”
  • Custom cut-outs available with smooth doorlite frame only.

Obscured Glass & Grills

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Obscured Glass


Narrow Reed



Wide Reed


Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs)

Simulated Divided Lites offer the most impact, as they are applied on the surface of the glass (interior and exterior), with internal grills inserted between the glass panes for added depth. SDLs offer an excellent solution when the aim is to replicate true divided lites.

Choose from flat, profiled, or a combination of flat and profiled to replicate a simulated sash. Available in ANY Standard or Premium Colour.

SDL Widths Available:

Flat 3/4"

Flat 1"

Flat 1 1/2"

Flat 2"

Profiled 7/8"

Internal Grills (IGs)

Internal Grills offer an easy-to-clean, cost effective solution for adding a grill pattern to your windows and doors.

Choose from a variety of flat or profiled IGs.

Internal Grills Available:
Some options will differ by product line, contact us for more information.

Flat 5/16” in White, Black, Bright Gold or Pewter1

Flat 5/8” in White, Espresso, Black (min. qty. required), Brownstone or Bright Gold1

Profiled 11/16" in White, Espresso, Black, or Brownstone.2

1Split finish (different colours inside and out) are not available.

2Split finish (different colours inside and out) are available in certain combinations.


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