Standard Features

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All styles are built with an ultra tough fiberglass frame, and the highest quality components.

  • Durable, fully insulated fiberglass frame
  • Slim profiles for maximum glass area
  • Lasting, low-maintenance finish in 21 STANDARD COLOURS (inside and out)
  • Warm-edge Insulating Glass
    • Dual Pane
    • Triple Pane
    • Quad Pane
  • Full range of Lo-E coatings with Argon gas
    • Solar Gain: Lo-E 180
    • Glare Reducing: Lo-E 240
    • All Conditions: Lo-E 272
    • Solar Blocking: Lo-E 366
  • Excellent sound dampening
  • Factory-applied Jamb Extensions
  • Made-to-order sizing
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty on the frame and glass

Exterior Options

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Simple, slim, most common choice of nailing fin.

New Wide

Nailing fin that sets the window deeper into the wall, creating elegant shadow lines.

250 Panning

Nailing fin that protrudes outwards 2 1/2" to accommodate rigid insulation or other finishing exterior details such as brick.

350 Panning

Nailing fin that protrudes outwards 3 1/2" to accommodate rigid insulation or other finishing exterior details such as brick.

450 Panning

Nailing fin that protrudes outwards 4 1/2” to accommodate rigid insulation or other finishing exterior details.


Narrower profile that replicates wood window sills, with an optional nailing fin.



Capping piece with elegant shadow lines that mimic millwork.


Capping piece with simple, clean lines.

Profiled with Sill

Mimics original wood windows, with a Sill Perimeter on the bottom, and Narrow Perimeter with Profiled Brickmould on three sides.

Interior Options

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Factory-applied jamb extensions

1/2” Drywall Return U-Channel

3/4” Drywall Return U-Channel

Drywall Return

A simple, clean detail, allowing the drywall to return to the window.

Pacific Coast Hemlock



Real wood options to add a richness to the window. All wood interior options come unfinished, for the customer to stain or paint as they wish. Choose from Pacific Coast Hemlock, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, or request a custom wood type.

White Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC

A low maintenance, pre-finished white interior finish that resists moisture.


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Slate Grey




Chestnut Brown


Duxton Red


Brick Red



Steel Blue


Silver Mist

Insulating Glass

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DUXTON offers the widest range of insulating glass options – ranging from standard dual LoĒ all the way to Quad Pane – to suit almost any requirement. We provide our customers with exceptional value and durability (20 year Limited Warranty), warm edge spacers, argon gas fill, and a family of LoĒ options.

  • Dual Pane (typically 7/8” OD) or Triple Pane (typically 1 3/8” OD)
  • Warm edge stainless steel spacer
  • Argon gas fill in all cavities
  • Choice of 1 or 2 LoĒ coatings
  • Choice of LoĒ coating type
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
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Obscured Glass & Grills

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Obscured Glass


Narrow Reed



Wide Reed


Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs)

Simulated Divided Lites offer the most impact, as they are applied on the surface of the glass (interior and exterior), with internal grills inserted between the glass panes for added depth. SDLs offer an excellent solution when the aim is to replicate true divided lites.

Choose from flat, profiled, or a combination of flat and profiled to replicate a simulated sash. Available in ANY Standard or Premium Colour.

SDL Widths Available:

Flat 3/4"

Flat 1"

Flat 1 1/2"

Flat 2"

Profiled 7/8"

Internal Grills (IGs)

Internal Grills offer an easy-to-clean, cost effective solution for adding a grill pattern to your windows and doors.

Choose from a variety of flat or profiled IGs.

Internal Grills Available:
Some options will differ by product line, contact us for more information.

Flat 5/16” in White, Black, Bright Gold or Pewter1

Flat 5/8” in White, Espresso, Black (min. qty. required), Brownstone or Bright Gold1

Profiled 11/16" in White, Espresso, Black, or Brownstone.2

1Split finish (different colours inside and out) are not available.

2Split finish (different colours inside and out) are available in certain combinations.